Theatre of Tragedy – Remixed [Vinilo]

(Color de vinilo, vinilo transparente, rojo, de Gatefold LP Chaqueta, edición limitada)


2010, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY announced their break-up and drew a line under their impressive career with “Last Curtain Call”: In the middle of the Nineties, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY wrote music history with albums like “Velvet Darkness They Fear” and “Aegis”. Never before a band combined a dark male voice with a charming, bright female voice to this extent. But nobody could suspect that this mixture would create such an extraordinary diversity of dark and atmospheric shades making Gothic Rock/Metal that popular around the globe. THEATRE OF TRAGEDY have always been unique and will ever be. This year, the Norwegian exceptional artists return with a compilation of different remixes of their biggest successes and rise the splendour of former times. Reputable artists like DAS ICH, ICON OF COIL and VNV NATION tasked songs like “Machine”, “Lorelei” and “And When He Falleth” and revived those tracks in their own interpretation. The band about this project: “We in Theatre of Tragedy have always been interested in a variated range of musical styles ranging from electronic music, through rock and to more extreme metal. This has been a huge part in creating the sound of the band over the years. Since the foundation of the band we have had a fascination for other people’s interpretation of our music. How others perceive our sound and compositions.” Starting with the remixes of German Dark Wave artists, numerous friends and companions dealt with the songs of the Gothic Rock band. “This “Remixed” compilation is a result of this. A collection of very different reimagined versions of some of our known, and more unknown songs throughout our career from 1997 until new remixed from 2019.”

– Disc 1 –

1 And When He Falleth (Das Ich Remix)

2 Black As the Devil Painteth (Das Ich Remix)

3 Lorelei (Icon of Coil Remix)

4 Reverie (Current Remix)

5 Machine (VNV Nation Remix)

6 Fragment (Element Remix)

7 Let You Down (Rico Darum & Superdead Remix)

8 Motion (Funker Vogt Remix)

– Disc 2 –

1 Envision (Conetik Remix)

2 Storm (Zeromancer Remix)

3 Fade (Pride and Fall Remix)

4 Storm (Rustflower Inc. Remix)

5 Frozen (Ambrosius Remix)

6 Deadland (Tommy Olsson Remix)

7 Hide and Seek (Kristoffer Oustad Remix)

8 Forever Is the World (Siva Six Remix)