Thea Gilmore – Ghosts & Graffiti [Vinilo]

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It’s not often that a 35 year old singer has 15 albums. Thea Gilmore’s 17-year career has seen her profile and audience grow with inexorable momentum since her first album. Her newest long playing offering, Ghosts and Graffiti is a compilation with it’s own twists – part new album, part retrospective – Gilmore has included four all-new songs that sit alongside six newly-recorded versions of old material, selected jewels from her back catalogue and, just for good measure, a few radio hits are also included. Featuring guest appearances from The Waterboys, Joan Baez, Billy Bragg, John Cooper Clarke, Joan As Policewoman, King Creosote and I Am Kloot, Ghosts & Graffiti is as much an artistic achievement as it is a career celebration. She is the conscience of the music industry, that little voice in your head that proves that beyond hyperbole, there is music that matters and the people that it matters to. That is where true, lasting careers are born and that is exactly where Thea Gilmore shines. This double vinyl set contains an additional five tracks.

1 Copper

2 Start As We Mean to Go on

3 This Girl Is Taking Bets (Feat Joan As Policewoman)

4 Holding Your Hand

5 My Voice (Feat Billy Bragg)

6 London

7 Coming Back to You

8 Love Came Looking for Me

9 Inch By Inch (Feat Joan Baez)

10 Glistening Bay (Feat the Waterboys)

11 Sol Invictus

12 Razor Valentine (Feat I Am Kloot)

13 Old Soul

14 Live Out Loud

15 Juliet

16 Don’t Set Foot Over the Railway Track (Feat John

17 Wrong with You

18 You’re the Radio

19 Inverigo (Feat King Creosote)

20 That’ll Be Christmas