The Wolfhounds – Unseen Ripples from a Pebble [Vinilo]

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Double vinyl LP including digital download. Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the UK band’s debut album plus 15 bonus tracks. This expanded version of the album contains the band’s entire recorded output for the Pink label as well as the 7′ version of ‘Me’ that was released on Idea Records. The Wolfhounds formed in 1985 and debuted in the spring of 1986 with the EP CUT THE CAKE. Despite the record’s gritty, intense approach, it nevertheless landed The Wolfhounds a spot on the NME’s legendary C-86 compilation cassette, the 22-track compilation ended up being so influential that it resulted in the unintentional creation of a new subgenre. The Wolfhounds were more post punk than jangle pop, and their incendiary live shows saw them build up a loyal following throughout Europe, where they toured regularly supporting the House of Love and My Bloody Valentine.

1 Me

2 Sandy

3 Rain Stops Play

4 Goodbye Laughter

5 Lost But Happy

6 The Anti-Midas Touch

7 In Transit

8 Cruelty

9 Rule of Thumb

10 Progress Caff

11 Public Footpath Blues

12 Handy Howard

13 Stars in the Tarmac

14 L.A. Juice

15 Another Day on the Lazy “A”

16 Cut the Cake

17 Dead Think

18 Midget Horror

19 One Foot Wrong

20 Slow Loris

21 Restless Spell

22 Whale on the Beach

23 Me (7″ Version)

24 Hand in the Till

25 Disgusted, E7

26 Cold Shoulder

27 Boy Racers RM1