The Whiskey Gentry – Dead Ringer [Vinilo]

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2017 release, the third full length album from Atlanta-based band The Whiskey Gentry. On Dead Ringer, the husband and wife duo of Lauren Staley and Jason Morrow and bandmates have created an effort that builds on many of the sounds of their previous albums – incorporating deep country, Americana, honky-tonk, bluegrass and a stiff shot of gritty rock ‘n’ roll, yet it also finds the band testing themselves and pushing beyond their own boundaries. Dead Ringer deals with growing up, and how that’s affected the band’s relationships, and the places they’ve gone and people they’ve met in the process. Stepping outside of the comfort zone of their previous recordings, the band has moved in a different direction musically. “Sonically, the biggest difference of this record is that we recorded it live together in the same room at Echo Mountain Recording Studio (Asheville, NC),” Lauren explains. “There are less overdubs, which makes it sound more like how it would if you were to see us in person – it’s raw, it’s not perfect. We worked with a producer for the first time (Les Hall), and he had so many amazing ideas we’d never thought of and really pushed us to think outside of our box. There’s an energy on this record that we’ve never captured before, and I think it was a complete game changer for our sound.”

1 Following You

2 Rock N Roll Band

3 Looking for Trouble

4 Dead Ringer

5 Paris

6 Kern River

7 Martha from Marfa

8 Say It Anyway

9 Drinking Again

10 Seven Year Ache

11 Is It Snowing Where You Are?

12 If You Were An Astronaut