The Shaggs – Shaggs’ Own Thing (IEX) (Red Galaxy Colored Vinyl) [Vinilo]

(Rojo, Bonus Track, Indie exclusivo, Remastered)

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When The Shaggs’ Philosophy Of The World came out in 1969, some people couldn’t or wouldn’t understand it. But many musicians, including Frank Zappa and Kurt Cobain, cited the Shaggs as a major influence. Heck, Zappa exclaimed they were “better than the Beatles!” NRBQ’s Terry Adams and Keith Spring were such fans, and after reissuing Philosophy in 1980 on their own Red Rooster label, Adams began work on a collection of recordings the Wiggin sisters had made in the years following their debut. The result was Shaggs’ Own Thing – a beguiling follow-up that reveals a more developed and mature sound while still retaining all of their homespun uniqueness.

1 You’re Somethin’ Special to Me

2 Wheels

3 Paper Roses

4 Shaggs’ Own Thing (Musical Version)

5 Painful Memories

6 Gimme Dat Ding

7 My Cutie

8 Yesterday Once More

9 My Pal Foot Foot

10 I Love

11 Shaggs’ Own Thing (Vocal Version)

12 Love at First Sight (Bonus Track)

13 Sweet Maria (Bonus Track)

14 Missouri Waltz (Missouri State Song) [Bonus Track]

15 Wipe Out (Bonus Track)