The Millennium – Begin [Vinilo]


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Limited white colored vinyl LP pressing. The Millennium looms large in the hearts of fans of the ’60s sunshine pop genre. The studio group was the creation of legendary tunesmith/studio genius Curt Boettcher, who had previously been instrumental in the formation of the fabled ’60s cult acts the Ballroom and Sagittarius. In 1968, Boettcher assembled a group of talented California singers and musicians (including singer/guitarists Lee Mallory, Sandy Salisbury, Joey Stec and Michael Fennelly and Music Machine drummer Ron Edgar) to record the Millennium’s sole album, Begin. Produced by Boettcher and Keith Olsen, with assistance by California rock legend Gary Usher, Begin is an exquisite progressive pop opus, combining breezy melodies, ambitious baroque arrangements, stirring psychedelic touches and angelic vocal harmonies to create a suite-like concept album that perfectly captures the optimistic mood of the time in which it was made.

1 Prelude

2 To Claudia on Thursday

3 I Just Want to Be Your Friend

4 5 A.M

5 I’m with You

6 The Island

7 Sing to Me

8 It’s You

9 Some Sunny Day

10 It Won’t Always Be the Same

11 The Know It All

12 Karmic Dream Sequence #1

13 There Is Nothing More to Say

14 Anthem (Begin)