The Louvin Brothers – Love & Wealth: The Lost Recordings [Vinilo]

(Chaqueta de Gatefold LP)

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Thirty tracks totaling over an hour of unheard historic recordings from the legendary Louvins! We’re always the optimists who want to believe that there are significant caches of previously unknown recordings by artists who’ve passed or long since made their best work. Not just alternate takes or juvenilia, but truly undiscovered great music. In the case of The Louvin Brothers, this is it. Charlie was clear that he and Ira had no thought that their music would be heard decades later; they just wanted to sell some publishing. They believed that no one would hear these recordings except some label guys, artists, and Acuff-Rose. Ten or fifteen people perhaps. But they performed with shimmering intensity and exactness. Love & Wealth: The Lost Recordings presents 29 new recordings (plus a warm, spoken audio letter from brother Ira) originally captured as songwriting demos in the ’50s, then filed away for the next six decades. More than just quick takes on new tunes, these are fully realized performances that rival the best of their official discography! This treasure chest of legendary recordings has been mastered by Joe Lizzi and Bob Irwin, cut by Kevin Gray, and pressed onto flawless RTI vinyl! Those two LPs comfortably rest in a stunning gatefold jacket (they even have printing IN the pockets), with euro-jacket inner sleeves all featuring copious notes from music historian Colin Escott and stunning photos from the Country Music Hall of Fame!

– Disc 1 –

1 Spoken Message from Ira Louvin

2 It’s All Off

3 Take My Ring from Your Finger

4 I’ll Never Go Back (To the Ways of Sin)

5 Are You Missing Me?

6 Coo, Coo, Coo

7 Streamline Heartbreaker

8 (I’m Changing the Words to) My Love Song

– Disc 2 –

1 Red Hen Boogie

2 Unpucker

3 Television Set

4 Discontented Cowboy

5 Two-Faced Heart

6 Don’t Compare the Future with the Past

7 That’s My Heart Talking

8 I’m Gonna Love You One More Time

– Disc 3 –

1 Preach the Gospel

2 Born Again

3 They’ve Got the Church Outnumbered

4 The Sons and Daughters of God

5 Insured Beyond the Grave

6 You’ll Meet Him in the Clouds

7 I Love God’s Way of Living

– Disc 4 –

1 Love and Wealth

2 Bald Knob, Arkansas

3 Measured Love

4 Kiss Me Like You Did Yesterday

5 Would You Tear Down Your Castle

6 You’ll Forget

7 Never Say Goodbye