The Anti-Nowhere League – So What Tour 1982 Live! [Explicit Content] [Vinilo]

(Rojo, Paexp)


The vinyl companion to the special edition DVD/CD set of “We Are The League” documentary film based on the incredible career of UK punk legends Anti-Nowhere League!

1 We Are the League (Derby)

2 Can’t Stand Rock N’ Roll (Derby)

3 For You (Derby)

4 Snowman (Derby)

5 Streets of London (Bradford)

6 World War III (Bradford)

7 Wreck a Nowhere (Bradford)

8 Nowhere Man (Bradford)

9 I’m No Hero (Bradford)

10 Women (Bradford)

11 I Hate People (Derby)

12 Animal (Derby)

13 So What (Derby)

14 Let’s Break the Law (Lyceum)

15 For You (Lyceum) with Recut Vocals