Texas Gentlemen – Floor It [Vinilo]

(Gatefold LP Chaqueta, Negro, Juego de mesa, Descarga digital de la tarjeta)

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Double vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Includes board game and digital download. 2020 release. Pop on Floor It!!!, the second full-length effort from the Texas Gentlemen, and prepare your eardrums to be hit with everything from woozy, brass-fueled Dixieland-style jazz (‘Veal Cutlass’), to slinky, chicken-scratch country funk (‘Bare Maximum’) to lushly orchestrated pop-soul balladry (‘Ain’t Nothin’ New’)’and that’s all in just the first 10 minutes of play time. While the Gentlemen’s sound is clearly steeped in the classic roots, rock and pop music of the ’60s and ’70s, there’s a dreamy (the lilting ‘Sing Me to Sleep’), spacey (‘Skyway Streetcar’) and occasionally progressive (‘Dark at the End of the Tunnel’) element to what they do that seems to detach the music from belonging to any particular place and time. Add in elements of funk, soul, country, r&b, southern rock, gospel and essentially any other style that catches their musically omnivorous ears; an expansive and detailed approach to arrangement that sees the songs adorned with all manner of horns, strings and heavenly background vocals (‘Hard Road’) and you have a collection of tunes that is more than just a mere album. Rather, Floor It!!! is a rich and righteous ride.