Igorrr – Nostril [Vinilo]

(Negro, de Gatefold LP chaqueta)

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On the album “Nostril” listeners had to prepare for spastic thrashing and epic vocalizing: Igorrr might very well be the great white hope of whatever-core. With “Nostril”, the French musician draws from his impressive recording experience to create a dense and wild ride that puts enthusiasm and energy back in your stereo: fast beats, sudden breaks, majestic moments, the whole thing crystal clear and more detailed than the most roccoco paintings. Free of any recognizable influences, new and very fun.

1 Double Monk

2 Tendon

3 Excessive Funeral

4 Very Long Chicken

5 Melting Nails

6 Pavor Nocturnus

7 Caros

8 Cruciform

9 Dachshund

10 Half a Pony

11 Unpleasant Sonata

12 Dentist

13 Fryzura Konika

14 Veins

15 Moldy Eye