Iasos – Realms of Light [Vinilo]

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After a decade of a break, in 2001 Iasos returned with a new, first in a new millennium, album – ‘Realms of Light’. Here you will hear 8 masterpieces of heavenly music that takes you to other-worldly realms just filled with Love and Light. This album continues where ‘Elixir’ 1983 left off! Journey into heavenly celestial realms with a master of inter-dimensional music. Ecstatic planes of existence filled with love, light, color, fragrance, and sacredness. Unearthly sparkling beauty.

1 Rapture of the Hear

2 Waltz of the Swaying Hearts

3 The Angels of Purity

4 The Fountain of Creation

5 The Temples of Olympus at Dawn

6 The Diamond-Heart Center of Creation

7 Spring Temple Forest

8 The Gates of Opal