10cc – 10CC [Vinilo]

(Reino Unido – Importación)

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Limited 180 gram red vinyl LP repressing of this debut album from the British quartet. In 1972, two years after the demise of the Beatles, the Pop world was still looking for a new Fab Four. Manchester pop quartet 10cc were hoping they’d fill that not insubstantial gap and got closer than most. There has been much debate as to how the band got their name. Bassist Graham Gouldman reveals that ‘Jonathan (King, who discovered them) had a dream the night before he came up to see us. He was standing in front of Hammersmith Odeon, and on the hoarding it said, ’10cc the best band in the world’. Few groups could have had their single nominated as Tony Blackburn’s hit-pick while simultaneously championed by underground DJ John Peel, a quote from whom adorned 10cc’s debut album cover.

1 Johnny, Don’t Do It

2 Sand in My Face

3 Donna

4 The Dean and I

5 Headline Hustler

6 Speed Kills

7 Rubber Bullets

8 The Hospital Song

9 Ships Don’t Disappear (Do They?)

10 Fresh Air for My Mama